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7 may 2009

Volunteer with Ayni Ruway

Sustainable Bolivia
Volunteer with Ayni Ruway

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Non Profit, Art, Architecture, Music, Children and Youth, Computers and Technology, Crime, Safety, and Victims, ’ Issues, Family and Parenting, Human Rights and Civil Liberties

Sustainable Bolivia is a non profit foundation whose specific purposes are to provide global educational experiences, to promote and assist charitable organizations and activities in Bolivia, and to promote ecotourism and economic and environmental sustainability.

We are an umbrella institution with over 20 partner organizations. The following volunteering position is within one of our partner institutions Ayni Ruway.

Ayni Ruway is a center for female and family development that was established in 1997 to help incarcerated individuals in Cochabamba live dignified and healthy lives. The organization provides current and former inmates with educational, vocational, and emotional support in order to successfully reintegrate into society.

The primary goal of Ayni Ruway is to improve the lives of inmates and their families, many of whom are left to suffer with no means of income. Services provided include educational, psychological and legal aid, skill shares and micro-enterprise projects. Spouses are offered skills training so they can support themselves, and former inmates are provided career advice as well as skills training to help find employment upon release.

What once started off as a small NGO has now developed into a three-story community center with a wide range of professionals and volunteers from around the world.

Ayni Ruway’s central mission is to fight for the equality of inmates, former inmates and their families. By providing workshops and skill shares they hope to better the quality of life and facilitate integration of incarcerated individuals back into society. Ayni Ruway goals include:

* To offer educational, health and legal services within all Cochabamba prisons and to all former inmates at its community center
* To provide workshops on violence prevention
* To help inmates make an income by providing skill shares and training
* To offer childcare services for the children of current and former inmates
* To help with the marketing and distribution of goods produced by current and former inmates

Who does Ayni Ruway help?
Bolivian prisons have seen a large increase in numbers due to changes in the drug trafficking law stating that anyone caught is guilty until proven innocent. 60% of those imprisoned are on drug charges, 70% of which are awaiting trial and may be for many years.

Ayni Ruway also deals with current and potential buyers of products produced by inmates while in jail. These can be both domestic and international. The focus is on maintaining a constant relationship so that prisoners have a secure source of income.

Working conditions:
The center houses a restaurant and a gift shop, (both run by former inmates), a conference room and offices. Many volunteers would split time between the office and making visits to different prisons.

Program Supervisor:
Mr. Orlando Mengoa is Program Director and one of the founding members of Ayni Ruway. He is also the supervisor of all international interns and volunteers. Mr. Mengoa specializes in the field of Human Rights and has over fifteen years of experience working in La Paz and Cochabamba.

* Intermediate - advanced Spanish
* Experience and/or knowledge in relevant fields (i.e. counseling, marketing, education - valued but not necessary)
* Experience working with at-risk persons (valued but not necessary)
* Willingness to work in a prison environment
* Willingness to share a skill
* Motivated with good interpersonal skills
* There is no minimum commitment period but a 2-3 months stay is preferable

Application instructions:
Please contact National Director John Loveday if interested:

Applications are currently being reviewed daily. Applications will close once the position is filled. As a result, positions may be filled in advance of the deadline posted here.

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Sustainable Bolivia

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